Update 3-24-20 – Resources

Members of the MVGCSA,

Needless to say, everyone has been flooded with emails relative to this Covid-19 outbreak. Here is one more, but hopefully you find this info specific to your operations during this difficult time in golf course management. As one of our comrades said "This kind of stuff isn't taught in school!"

Getting to the point, Steve Randall, GCSAA Director of Chapter Outreach organized a video conference with the Executive Directors of the Central Plains chapters of the GCSAA. Current restrictions and resulting actions were discussed relative to each state and although some slight differences were discussed among the 7 states, the general theme was obviously, fairly consistent.

The core of this discussion centered on providing specific information for Supts and course leaders to read, understand and make safe, appropriate decisions based on their operations. The intentions of this info is to provide written suggestions for courses to utilize in efforts to be proactive with how play is to be allowed and most importantly how daily maintenance should be orchestrated to insure the legislative decision makers understand the professional, safe  approach being undertaken at golf facilities. Letters have already been sent to both Governors in IL and MO expressing the need to keep courses open for play, as well as the undeniable need to allow daily maintenance of these viable and perishable green spaces.

I urge you now to go to the GCSAA website at and click on the Covid-19 info box where there is a slew of info relative to most all aspects of course management during this critical time. There is a bunch of great articles to help in your efforts of getting the message across to the powers that be at your facility.

Also, here is a recent article received from the USGA that has valuable info to check out as well. is our updated position on temporary guidance to post scores and a two-minute video we produced on what the spirit of golf is really about.

Rules of Golf/Handicapping Guidance:  As we discussed, the USGA recognizes that many golf course owners have taken precautions to protect those on the course during this time, if they choose to open.  While we leave those decisions to them and we will continue to reinforce that everyone should take the direction of health and government officials seriously, we have provided committees with guidance on how to use the flexibility provided in the Rules of Golf while protecting public health. We have also provided temporary guidance on posting scores, specifically when golfers don’t “hole out” for health/safety reasons.  You can read more here.  


Support for Golf:  Our USGA team has all felt the heaviness of their roles changing, the sadness we feel in cancelling two championships, maintaining life balance, working from home, and caring for children and parents and friends. Because we believe in the power of connection that golf provides, we have worked together to share our hope and optimism for the future. We’d like to share it with you, as our friends and ambassadors, which you can see through this link.

That's it for now. Be safe, wash your hands, social distance and remain healthy!

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