Requesting help – Brent Rockwell

At WingHaven, we are dealing with a well issue and may need to rehab our existing well or drill a new one ASAP.  I don't have much experience in this area, and am reaching out to my fellow members with a few questions. 


  1. Do you have a well or run city water?  If no well, no need to continue with this and thank you!
  2. Do you have any experience with either rehabbing or drilling a new well.
  3. How did it work out for you? What would you do differently if you had it to do over again? 
  4. If your well failed do you have any idea what caused the failure?  (This is a problem with the actual well, not the well pump or motor)
  5. How deep is your well bore? How deep is your well set in the pit? Casing depth?  
  6. What do you know about this process that I don't? As I said before I don't have much experience in this area.  We are learning more every day but let's be honest: everyone we have spoken to this far is bidding a job they are hoping to win. Advice from colleagues who are completely impartial is invaluable!  

Please respond directly to or 314 713 7781 if you don't mind.