President Rickman Covid note

A note from the President of the MVGCSA…


To all MVGCSA members,

It is with anxiety, frustration and yet determination that I write to you all today. It’s quite apparent that the Covid blues have had an effect on virtually every aspect of our daily lives and activities. A simple trip to the grocery store is now an expedition into the unknown with potential silent danger around every corner. Dinner and night on the town? Not real sure what that’s like anymore. How about a good ‘ole baseball game? Whoops, never mind.

As you all are quite aware, this pandemic has also shot a huge hole in all the 2020 plans and events here at MVGCSA on what was supposed to be our grand 75th Anniversary celebration. All spring and summer events had no choice but to be cancelled, however your event coordinating committee held out hope that just maybe we could swing an event or two this fall. Covid trends of late have certainly eliminated any glimmer of hope on that idea. With a glance at our calendar of events on the website you will note that the remaining golf schedule has been cancelled. This includes the Championship and the much anticipated 2020 75th Anniversary Green Cup. At this point, the MVGCSA Annual meeting in November is up in the air. And the Shop Tour, another question mark. We will keep you informed about these last two important meetings as the year and this pandemic continues.

Continuing with this trend of cancellations, the GCSAA just announced yesterday that the 2021 GIS in Las Vegas is going strictly virtual. Sorry gang, no pilgrimage this year to relax the soul and exchange war stories with your friends from across the United States. GCSAA promises that the virtual show will be very informative but the social aspect is going to be sorely missed. Check out the GIS info video from GCSAA President John Fulling at

Wrapping this up, I certainly hope all MVGCSA members and their loved ones have escaped the direct wrath of this unwelcome virus. If you have been affected or lost a loved one, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Although we are tired of hearing it, we will eventually get through this mess and return to some level of normal living and social interaction. Until then, rest assured that your Executive Committee and Board of Directors will remain vigilant in maintaining the strength and integrity of this Association so when we do get the green light, we will emerge stronger than ever.

Please take care and we will all get back together soon.


Khris Rickman - MVGCSA President

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