Please HELP! Photo’s needed for BMP’s

Mississippi Valley Members,

The BMP steering committee is pleased to announce that our Missouri BMP Manual is nearing completion. Nearly all chapters for this manual have been written and reviewed, but photos are still needed for various examples of what we do as Golf Course Managers!

Photos needed are:

  • examples of groundwater protection such as wells, water quality samplings, wetlands & effective pesticide storage
  • alternative energy sources (i.e. solar panels)
  • greens construction
  • pollinator habitats

If you have photos of something from this list, please send them in to be included into our state manual. They can be sent to mogolfbmp@gmail.com and please include your name and the name of your golf course.

Thank you for helping us get this last push completed for our state's BMP Manual.

Carter DeMay
MVGCSA Director & Chapter Delegate
Tavern Creek Golf Course Superintendent
Country Club of St. Albans
3165 St. Albans Road
PO Box 5
Albans, MO 63073

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