Photo Shoot – 75th Anniversary – Forest Park

Attention all MVGCSA Superintendents and Affiliates, past and present! 

Your 75th Anniversary Historical committee is hard at work preparing for this year's celebration. One of the key focal points of the committee during this historical year is the gathering of all pertinent MVGCSA historical information to assist in publishing a 75th Anniversary coffee table book. If you have ANY photo's or information relative to the history of the MVGCSA, please contact Chairmen Tim Roethler or Jim Buford asap to assist in making this publication as complete as possible.  

In the meantime, in an effort to re-create an historical photo similar to the mid-1950's Superintendents photo above, your committee is asking ALL MVGCSA Superintendents, Class A and Class B, along with ANY individual who has ever been an MVGCSA Superintendent at any point in their career, to please join in for a 75th Anniversary photo shoot. The committee is also asking ALL Affiliates to join in as well with their photo to be taken immediately following the Supts shot!

The committee has requested that everyone gather around 9:30 AM at the Forest Park Visitors Center on Monday, March 9th, 2020 for an historical photograph re-creation to be taken at 10:00 AM SHARP! It is required that all in the photo please wear a coat and tie to maintain the professional look as established by our predecessors. (The fedora hat and trench coat are optional accessories this year - ha!) The Supt's photo will be followed with a photograph of all past and current Affiliate members of the MVGCSA. 

Note to Assistant's - your 75th Anniversary group photo will be taken at your upcoming Educational meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 3rd!

Please mark the date on your calendar now if you would like to be a 'photographic part' of the history of this great Association! We hope to see plenty of MVGCSA members there! 


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