News for April – Must Read!

Talk about an April Fools joke! Whoever made it snow April 1st pulled off a good one! Good news is that most of it is probably gone by the time you see this short message. Thanks for tuning in!

Our Season opener at Westwood CC on April 23rd is starting to fill up quicker than I expected. So, if your thinking about teeing it up, click on the calendar link below and get you and your partners name on the list. We've got a great slate of sponsors for this Opener including the Bayer BBQ feast! Don't miss out! The snow will be gone by the 23rd. Corey Witzman promised!

The Assistant's Season Opener is also set for the end of this month, April 30th to be exact. The Assistant's and Affiliate's will be teeing it up at Crescent Farms. Bob Ide is looking forward to hosting this years Assistant's Opener. The sign-up link is below.

One other quick note fyi; on our home page, we've had quite a few job posts already this spring. I understand the response rates have been pretty good. Please note that we can only post a few of the most current openings on the home page itself. To see more job offerings, click on the bar that says see more posts or simply click on the classified tab at the top of the home page to see ALL listings conveniently located in one place! Remember that job posts will only remain on the website for 60 days and then are automatically removed. If your position hasn't filled after 60 days, give me a shout and I'll re-enter it into the system.

Last item, I said I was gonna keep this short, keep an eye out for a very informative note from our web manager Tim Doll. He is going to point out some new features, with guidelines, of our recently updated website. Tim's done a great job updating and streamlining our website to keep it current, easy to use and very informative. This website is the key component facilitating communication with you, the MVGCSA member! Check it ALL out, you're gonna like it!   

All for now. Thanks!