MVGCSA 2020 ASP – Friendly reminder

To all Affiliates,

We at the MVGCSA sincerely hope that this message finds you healthy and happy as we head into this 2020 golf season! This note is simply a follow up to our correspondence sent a couple months ago in regards to the 2020 Affiliate Sponsor Program offered by the MVGCSA. Please note that the deadline to have your company logo displayed on this years banner is rapidly approaching. The deadline date of March 31st is necessary to allow us ample time to have the banner printed in time for our 1st event of the year, "The Opener" at Boone Valley GC.

The MVGCSA would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to all Affiliate members and their organizations for their generous contributions in past years in regards to our Affiliate Sponsor Program (ASP). This program was developed and initiated in 2017 to assist in our advertising and fund raising campaign. During these recent years, the MVGCSA has been afforded the opportunity to enhance and expand the benefits, opportunities and services to all members as a direct result of this ASP concept.


Just to name a few;

  • MV annual contributions to Mizzou research has been expanded and the results of local research, especially in disease and weed control, has been a real asset to area Superintendents and their facilities.
  • Educational programs have been enhanced offering essential education units to all members. Our upcoming, ever popular Shop Tour is a prime example of that, where MVGCSA offers this outstanding day-long educational opportunity free of charge to all current MV members.
  • Our dedication to promote academic achievement remains strong as our scholarship committee awards numerous scholarship every summer to deserving college students in both Turf and Legacy categories.
  • Attendance at monthly events throughout the year has been steadily growing, as we have been able to enhance the quality of these activities given a solid working budget on which to organize and operate each event. Plus, the fellowship and exchange of idea's during these outings is priceless.
  • The Gateway Green publication continues to be an industry leading Chapter newsletter that all MV members look forward to perusing three times a year. This member valued publication is totally funded by Affiliates through the ASP!
  • Our website has exhibited tremendous expansion and enhancement thanks to your support and the work of our web manager Tim Doll. This tool has become the life-line connectivity point for all MV records, current information, announcements and activities. This key MV asset is a constantly moving entity, updated routinely with important MV and industry activity dates, current member profiles, monthly Board meeting minutes, post event pictures and summaries and past Gateway Green publications, just to name a few. Please take a moment to check it out at www.mvgcsa.com where you will find expanded information on all the above topics and more.

As you likely know, the 2020 MVGCSA ASP for the upcoming year of events and activities was sent in December to your company's main address as displayed in the membership roster. Hopefully you've had the opportunity to personally review these important MV documents but in case you haven't, please find the current 2020 ASP form attached here.

Corporate Sign-up Form 2020 MVGCSA (Word Doc)

Corporate Sign-up Form 2020 MVGCSA (PDF)

As in the past, this ASP form is all inclusive to include monthly event sponsorship opportunities, website and Gateway Green advertising and annual membership dues. Our goal, through this ASP concept, is to provide an overall view of MVGCSA opportunities as you formulate your advertising campaign for the 2020 season.

Again, thank you for all your past support through this MVGCSA ASP and please don't hesitate to call this office at 314-591-1613 should you have any questions about this program or any MV related information.


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