MoGIC – St. Charles Conference

MoGIC Conference – November 28th

St. Charles Convention Center

  •  Early registration is open until noon on Nov. 15, after which rates increase $20 / person
  •  Largest local green industry tradeshow of the year
  •  Six educational tracks are offered this year making this a great opportunity for not only Superintendents and Assistants but also Horticulturalists, irrigation techs, or anyone due for pesticide applicator recertification.  Attendees are welcome to sit in on any track of interest:
    • Golf
    • Water Management
    • Landscape Opportunities
    • Landscape Management
    • Sports Fields
    • Pesticide Recertification (cat. 3)

Golf  Track (0.7 GCSAA education points)

Down Low and Dirty; Soil-borne Diseases (Lee Miller, University of Missouri)

Numerous soil-borne diseases walked through the large door opened by a tough 2018 growing environment. We will discuss ways to minimize stress on putting greens and prevent damage from root and crown disease in 2019.

Golf Course Master Plans (John Daniels, USGA agronomist)

Every golf facility should have a written Master Plan that incorporates not only architectural design elements, but infrastructure components such as the irrigation system and drainage.
A Master Plan provides the framework for current and future decision makers so that individual projects are aligned and priorities can be established.

Keeping the Water Flowing:  An Overview of Water Supply Systems (Derek Nees)

This presentation covers the basics of where and how water is recovered from either ground or surface water reservoirs. The anatomy of a well is outlined. We will discuss, what makes a well produce less water or fail over time and how to prevent it. Pump types will be covered and how to use a pump test and pump curve to budget for repair costs. Simple electrical controls and motors will be on the agenda also. The overall theme will be preventative maintenance on water supply before the water gets to the irrigation systems.

No Me Goosta: Understanding and Controlling Goosegrass  (Matthew Elmore, Rutgers University)

This presentation will discuss integrated strategies to control goosegrass, a problematic summer annual weed of golf courses. This presentation will discuss the biology and environmental conditions that allow goosegrass to proliferate. It will also discuss the results of field research projects that have investigated pre and post-emergence herbicides for goosegrass control so that superintendents can develop integrated management programs for green, fairways and roughs.

Keynote Presentation: The Edge of Order and Chaos:  What the Green Industry Can Do to Attract and Retain the Next Generation (Vance Crowe)

Vance Crowe, director of millennial engagement at Bayer Crop Science, will discuss how the green industry offers an opportunity to build upon the skill and wisdom of industry leaders and also offers a chance to adventure into the unknown with the goal of balancing between the wild, beautiful, chaos of nature and the pristine order of purposeful cultivation. Vance will also highlight ways in which the industry can better share their story even when talking about controversial topics like GMOs and glyphosate.

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