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MVGCSA – Making a post to the website

Making a post to the website

After logging in, you can now make posts to the MVGCSA website similar to the posting apparatus that a twitter or Facebook might provide.  The difference being that this will only be possible for MVGCSA members making posts and commenting on said posts.  In addition, links to recent posts will be included(eventually) on outgoing director emails much like the upcoming events links.    At this time there are no restrictions on posts other than keeping them PG.  You can make for sale postings, job available postings, product placement posts, social event postings, or simply ask a question of your fellow members….whatever, the sky’s the limit.

How to make a post?

There are a couple of ways to post to the website.  The easiest way, after logging on, is to first navigate back out to the homepage by clicking the visit site link in the upper left hand corner.


Secondly click the slightly hidden blue box(link) which will expand in the upper lefthand corner.

After clicking on the link, a post box will appear which includes a very minimal text editor as well as a place to upload media.  Very simply include a title, a message, and click the 'Post Now' button and your post will be live and appear on the homepage.  Anyone comfortable with a MS Office Word editor should be fairly comfortable with the WordPress editor.


The second more involved method we will address at a later time.  To access the more feature rich editor, you create a new post through the dashboard menu.

What now?

Your post will be displayed on the MVGCSA homepage under the director posts section as well as in outgoing organizational emails(eventually).

Visitors are now able to view and comment on your post.  The comment section appears below each post.


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