Happy New Year 2018

From the Board of Directors and Staff at the MVGCSA

Here's wishing every MV member a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!


As we usher out 2017 and look forward to 2018, we at your MVGCSA encourage you to begin making plans for another great season ahead. With this in mind, the website at www.mvgcsa.com has been totally revamped and updated thanks to our website manager Tim Doll. We sincerely hope you find the new design of the website more user friendly and easier to navigate thereby making your MVGCSA participation and planning process more streamlined for the 2018 season.

Within the calendar section, you will see a great line up of 2018 events in place thanks to your event coordinator Justen Patterson. First on the list is the 2018 GIS Hospitality night in San Antonio. This event is for all MVGCSA members and their guests and is scheduled for 6 PM on Wednesday, February 7th at the Iron Cactus. Please check out the calendar for further details of this annual event that will take place during our National Conference.

In reviewing the upcoming calendar of events, please be aware that while the month and venue of each event is set, the exact date of these events has yet to be established. We temporarily set the first of each month for these events now to allow us to show these events on the calendar page. We anticipate firming up the exact dates within the next several weeks.

We are also excited to announce a new feature on our website for 2018. With the assistance of Nadine Harskamp at Classic Images, we now have official MVGCSA apparel available for all MV members. With a simple click you can review the available merchandise and place your order to be shipped directly to your office. A small portion of your purchase will assist in funding programs and operations at MVGCSA. Wear your MVGCSA logo proudly!

That's all for now. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at future MVGCSA events in 2018!