ET member request letter

July 9, 2018

Howdy All,

We hope your season is going well. We are currently reaching out to all golf course technicians in the area to inform them of a new classification for Equipment Technicians (ET) in the Mississippi Valley Golf Course Superintendents Association (MVGCSA).

Several years ago, the International Golf Course Superintendents Association (IGCEMA) merged with the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) to form an Equipment Managers (EM) classification. The leadership of the IGCEMA was all voluntary and could no longer serve the group efficiently. Since that time, GCSAA has added many educational and networking opportunities specifically focused towards Equipment Technicians. Shortly after GCSAA created the EM classification, our local chapter, MVGCSA, decided they would follow suit.

After thoughtful deliberation and the necessary bylaw changes were made, the MVGCSA is introducing the new ET classification. As most of you are aware, the Equipment Technicians of the Mississippi Valley have been gathering for education and fellowship biannually for several years. During that time, the MVGCSA has graciously supported these gatherings by facilitating them and providing food and drink. In a sense, these educational meetings have been MVGCSA events all along. Now it’s official!

Thank you MVGCSA for acknowledging the significance of the role the Equipment Technician plays at each facility. Much like IGCEMAs merger with GCSAA, this new MVGCSA ET classification and membership within it, will allow for improved as well as additional, education and networking opportunities. As the technology with modern turf equipment continues to progress, education to understand this new technology will be key to effectively maintain these valuable assets within your operation. We hope you will consider becoming an Equipment Technician member within the MVGCSA and participate in valuable ET educational seminars.


 Chris Rapp

 Equipment Manager

  P: 314.275.9458


   Bellerive Country Club  |  314.434.4400

   12925 Ladue Rd.  |  St. Louis, MO 63141              


 Keep ‘em clean, Keep ‘em sharp, and Keep ‘em slick!