Bowling recap 2017








A great time was had by all at the recent, first ever, mid-summer bowling extravaganza sponsored by the MVGCSA! With over 60 in attendance that included wives and significant others, it was a great time to tell stories, meet the better half and enjoy some bowling, good food and drinks. We had the entire Saratoga Lanes to ourselves that included the bowling alleys, pool tables, pin ball games, TV's and bar tenders. What a night!

Since this event was right in Khris Rickman's neighborhood, he had the great idea to cater the nights food from Farotto's Pizzeria. That suggestion was certainly equal to a 300 game! Superb pizza of all kinds with breadsticks and St. Louis' famous toasted rav's. Outstanding!

Check out the pics of all the good times and be looking for a repeat performance likely to be scheduled for the 2018 MVGCSA calendar of events. From all the feedback, this event idea was certainly a winner!