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Bent and Zoysia sod – For Sale PRICE REDUCED!

Local golf course in Jerseyville, Illinois selling bent and zoysia sod.  








Wolves Crossing Golf Course at 23745 N Centennial Road in Jerseyville is offering good quality Penncross (F9) and Pennlinks (B9) bent grass sod as a DIY harvest proposition. Wolves Crossing has 19 bent greens averaging in size from 3,500 to 5,000 sq. ft. ready for your crew to sod cut and haul back to your course. Greens are currently being maintained at a favorable HOC and ready for harvest. This bent has weathered the local climate for many years so is quite acclimated.








Wolves also has a couple acres of zoysia tees that are being offered for harvest as well.

If interested, you are urged to contact Terry Hansen, Owner, at your earliest convenience. Agricultural planting may soon be occurring on various areas of this property within the next several weeks making some green and tee sites difficult to access. Price for this turf is quite competitive. As always, first come first served.

Terry can be reached at (618) 779-6266 or email to

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