Assistant’s Event Report (Spring 2017)

By all accounts the 2017 Assistant's spring event was a winning ticket for all! The tee sheet was max'd out and the golf course at Old Warson was in perfect condition (as if that was a surprise). Great job Tim Roethler, Adam Lewis, Matt Finnerty, Jon Strautz and Steve Herman! Oh yeah and the weather was certainly a "Chamber of Commerce" day.

A big thanks to our sponsors for the day - GreensPro, MTI Distributing and SiteOne! Without question, MVGCSA would not exist without the generous support of our Affiliate sponsors. You guys keep the fuel in the tank. THANK YOU!

Check out the pics if you want to see the flight winners as well as all the good times.

Also, a big thanks to your Assistant Liaison's who put this whole gig together - Kolby Armbruster, Forest Hills CC and Michael Smith, Fox Run GC. Great job guys!

Check out the calendar now! You don't want to miss the next MVGCSA event!