ASP Letter 2019

December 12, 2018

Dear MVGCSA Affiliate member,

The MVGCSA Board of Directors would like to thank all of our Affiliate sponsors for their past support of our Association. Furthermore, we would like to extend our gratitude to all of you that participated in our 2018 Affiliate Sponsor Program (ASP). This program has been well received and we are optimistic the ASP will continue to provide a mutually beneficial avenue to promote both our Affiliate members as well as the MVGCSA.

As we move forward into the third year of the ASP, we have made a few subtle changes and continue to seek your input to further enhance the features of this advertising opportunity for your organization. As you will note, we still offer the same dual category headlines within the Annual and Golf/Meeting advertising opportunities of this program.

Under the Annual Opportunities section, you will find the ability to be involved in the National GIS Hospitality night, website and Gateway Green advertising, the Annual MVGCSA business and awards banquet, as well as satisfy your annual membership renewal fees.

Within the Golf and Meeting Opportunities section, we have listed each monthly MVGCSA event along with the venue for that event. In sponsoring an event, your company logo will be displayed on the event invitation sent to each MVGCSA member. Your logo will also be displayed on a sponsorship sign at the event and displayed in the event photo gallery of our website following each meeting. Furthermore, sponsoring an event will also include a team entry as noted on the ASP form.

Also, similar to last year, a large banner will be displayed at each 2019 MVCGSA event, recognizing the annual level of commitment from each contributor to the ASP. Please note however, that you must return the ASP form prior to the DEADLINE of MARCH 15, 2019 to have your logo included on this year’s banner.

Within the next couple of weeks, an MVGCSA Board member will be contacting you to discuss any details or questions you may have about this Affiliate Sponsor Program for 2019.

We sincerely hope you find this “all inclusive” ASP beneficial in organizing your annual MVGCSA advertising projections for the 2019 season. We once again would like to express however, that this is not a now or never proposal. Event sponsorship opportunities will be open throughout the year. This program is being offered, as requested by Affiliate members, to provide an avenue whereby a single form and remittance will satisfy your annual support of the MVGCSA.

Once again, we thank you for your continued support of the MVGCSA!


The MVGCSA Board of Directors