Annual Meeting 2016 – report to members
















        By all accounts, the 2016 MVGCSA Annual Meeting at The Probstein Community Golf Course in Forest Park was a huge success! With 79 in attendance, we set an all time attendance record. After President Mike Null's welcoming address, Jerry Keeven lead us all in a heartfelt dinner prayer, prior to our feasting on a great fare of surf and turf.

       After dinner, President Null gave a State of the Association report which was followed up by our annual election of Director's to fill vacancies resulting from the normal rotation cycle. Also on the  ballot, were several amendments to our MVGCSA Bylaws that were recommended by your Bylaw Committee to ensure MVGCSA stays on course and in compliance with GCSAA's mandates and recommendations.

      Elected to the position of MVGCSA Director for (2) year terms each, were Rob Kick, Tim Schwierjohn and Khris Rickman. Dave Pini was also appointed by President Mike Null to fill an open, (1) year position as Director on the Board. President Null also appointed Mike Smith, Assistant Superintendent at Fox Run, to fill the Assistant Liaison position as well as Ron Exler, Turfwerks, to fill the Affiliate Liaison position.








 Informative and interesting Committee reports were given by Don Humphrey - GCSAA Chapter Liaison, Rob Kick - Education Chairman, Chuck Gast - Director of Operations, Jim Buford - Treasurer and Paul Hurst - Editor Gateway Green.







        The Vice-President of the GCSAA and soon to be GCSAA President, our very own Bill Maynard CGCS, gave all in attendance a brief view of the future of our National Association and his intentions going forward as he takes the helm of our Mother Ship. Congrats Bill and Godspeed!

        As for Bylaw amendments, most were centered around member classification adjustments as mandated by GCSAA, with other MVGCSA bylaw changes directed towards dues restructure as discussed and reviewed at the meeting. All amendments proposed were approved by the voting quorum and may be viewed in the member section on the MVGCSA website

       Also on the agenda at this Annual Meeting were awards presented to Event Champions such as Roger Phillips who along with John Kueper and Jim Ashby won the 2016 Green Cup. Attendance point award winners this year were, Superintendents Division - Don Humphrey with the Assistant Superintendents Division won by Jim Bucher. Congrats gents and thank you for your persistent participation in MVGCSA activities! Looking forward to events in 2017, announcements were also made naming Fox Run Golf Club as host of the Season Opener with Algonquin Golf Club opening their doors to host the 2017 Green Cup!

       Holding true with MVGCSA's dedication to encouraging education, a total of (11) scholarships totaling $7,500 were presented during this Annual Meeting. Turf Scholarships were awarded to Austin Allen, Zach Olinger, Mitchell Null and Garrhett Bays. Legacy Scholarships were presented to Luke Carron, Davis Roethler, Madison Hurst, Reagun Kennon, Andrew Klinkhammer, Mason Roethler and Michael Wachter. Congratulations are definitely in order for these aspiring students!

      Thank you to Keeven Brothers Sod keevensfor their sponsorship of festivities prior to the banquet as well as a big thanks to all that attended this important year end meeting of the MVGCSA!