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Our Mission

The Mississippi Valley GCSA (MVGCSA) was established in 1945 to promote and maintain the highest professional standards of service, commitment and conduct among the members of the turfgrass industry.  Membership for the association will be deemed a significant indicator of individual responsibilities, character and professionalism.  The MVGCSA offers a strong fellowship among all members, as well as a great deal of assistance in resolving problems that may arise at a member’s golf course.  There are numerous educational opportunities within the association to help us maintain our goal, “Dedicated to Better Turf.

Board Members

The MVGCSA Board of Directors is the sole governing body of this Association. These dedicated professionals are elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting, held in November of each year. The Board of Directors maintain and execute the operational procedures and programs of this Association in strict accordance with the MVGCSA Bylaws. Each Board Member readily accepts the Board Member Commitment Pledge, ensuring the continued professionalism, integrity and advancement of all aspects relative to the successful operation of the MVGCSA.

Khris Rickman

Crystal Springs Quarry GC
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Rob Kick
Algonquin Golf Club
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Chris Finnerty
Bogey/Log Cabin Club
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Rob Schaff
The Falls Golf Club
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Chuck Gast
Director of Operations
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Dave Pini
Old Hickory Golf Club
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John Briggs
Fox Run Golf Club
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Matt Czarnecki
St. Peters Golf Course
636-477-6600 ext 1767
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Adam Lewis
Old Warson Country Club
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Jimmy Bucher
Norwood Hills Country Club
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Jeff Stickford
Assistant Liaison
Winghaven Country Club
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Corey Harvey
Assistant Liaison
Forest Hills Country Club
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Rich Carlson
Affiliate Liaison
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Eric Parker 
Affiliate Liaison
Erb Turf Equipment
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Carter DeMay
Chapter Delegate
Country Club of St. Albans
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MVGCSA Committees 2020:

Following is the list of active MVGCSA Committees for the current year. Listed are the current Committee Chairmen, Vice-Chairs and Committee members assigned to each specific Committee. As expressly encouraged of all MVGCSA members, should you have a desire to serve on any of these Committees listed, please contact the appropriate Committee Chairman and request to serve on that Committee.

(*as per bylaws)

1. EDUCATION*– monthly meetings, Shop Tour/MoGIC

Chairman: John Briggs

Vice-Chairmen: Dave Pini, Jimmy Bucher              Comm: Eric Parker, Corey Harvey

2. RESEARCH* – University research projects, scholarships, KIG, Green Cup, Roger Null Internship

Chairman: Rob Kick

Vice-Chairman: Rich Carlson                                   Comm: Paul Hurst, Curt Rohe

3. MEMBERSHIP* – MV membership, GCSAA relations, Web Site, Gateway Green

Chairman: Adam Lewis

Vice-Chairman: Carter DeMay                                  Comm: Tim Doll, Paul Hurst, Mike Carron

4. MEMBERSHIP OUTREACH* and ETHICS & BY-LAWS* – Acknowledge individual MV members needs in difficult times, maintain established             Association protocol and review any potential violations

Chairman: Rob Schaff

Vice-Chairman: Chris Finnerty                                   Comm: Jeff Stickford, Rich Carlson

5. BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES (BMP's) – establish MO State BMP's with HAGCSA as per GCSAA guidelines

Chairman: Matt Czarnecki

Vice-Chairman: Carter DeMay                                    Comm: Chad Fetter

6. HISTORICAL – assemble past and current MVGCSA information and data

Co-Chairs: Jim Buford & Tim Roethler                       Comm: Tim Burch

7. NOMINATING* – Secure and recommend viable candidates for open seats on BOD

Chairman: Rob Schaff

Vice-Chairman: Mike Null                                           Comm: Tim Roethler

8. AUDIT* – Review all monthly financial statements and year-end budget summary 

Chairman: Chris Finnerty

Vice-Chairman: John Briggs