MVGCSA Assistant’s Spring Meeting 2017 – Fox Run GC


Nathan Brimm and Sandy Peterson, representing LaFarge Sand, were our educational speakers at our 2017 Spring Assistant Superintendents meeting held at Fox Run Golf Club on February 27th.  

Sandy began the presentation with a short talk about the importance of safety in the work place, not only for their staff but for the golf courses taking delivery of the sand. 

Nathan then took over and discussed plant operations.  A slideshow was presented with all aspects of the operation.  Details about the origin of their sand, different types they offer, the kiln drying process, daily production, multiple uses of their sand, packaging sizes, and delivery options were all discussed.  Each person in attendance was presented with a packet of information in regards to the breakdown of particle size of each of their sands as well as samples. 

Attendance Prize Winners – Parkinson, Prenger, Murphy